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Caught in Time Hobbies

When we can't be in the northwoods we try to pass the time with fun restoration or collection projects.
We thought this might be a good section to add as a fun diversion.
Enjoy and comment if you have some good stuff to relay!


 Restoring Carousel Horses!

 Sally, a circa 1895 Armitage Herschell Carousel Track Horse
that was later converted to a pole carousel horse (by the carnival people who used her)
A "pole" carousel horse is one that we are all accustomed to seeing:
has a pole through the center of the horse and usually jumps up and down.

Winter Carousel Horse Restoration Project 2007-2008

Rudy, a circa 1905 Herschell Carousel Track Horse
Check out Rudy Here!

We just have acquired a new horse!
A circa 1900 Herschell Carousel Track Horse
Fall 2008 Restoration project

 **BTW, we are always looking for the next 'basket case' project horse to restore. Why not?
We love them so much! If you have or know anyone who has a carousel horse that
needs some TLC and a new home, please contact us!