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Now that you're here, you may be wondering,
'just what is a northwoods web town, anyway?'
And, what is Caught In Time, WI?

Well, Caught In Time, WI is a town that lives in the hearts of
all who love the northwoods of Wisconsin.
It is that warm feeling you get when you think back and
remember hearing the loons on the lake just as you were waking up.

It's the comfort of campers, campfires and taking it easy.

It's the thrill of hooking that one monster lunker and then
the fun of telling about it at the lodge.

Caught In Time, WI is a web town.
A place for people who share the love of the northwoods of
Wisconsin to gather and tell their stories.
Email us your northwoods history:
good times had, beautiful natural experiences --
whatever makes the Wisconsin northwoods special to you!
Maybe we'll be able to post them!

It's a place for busy people to slow down and
relax in the goodness of the northwoods.
Most of us can't live up there.
Most of us can't ever spend enough time up there.
Now, we can get that northwoods state of mind anytime --

Vacation Here Anytime!

It's a pleasure doing this site for all of the Wisconsin
northwoods lovers, ourselves included!


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