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 The best places to go when visiting the Northwoods of Wisconsin...

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Hayward KOA

11544 North US Highway 63
Hayward , WI 54843

Information: (715) 634-2331
Fax: (715)634-8592

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KOA Waterslide
We absolutely loved this one! It was a blast -- especially since the couple weeks we were up north were over 90 degrees every day! Very fun!. *Also, they have a very sweet little tubing ride down the Namekagon river. It's very shallow and at times you may have to get out and walk (having watersport shoes would be good because there are some painful rocks on the river's bottom).

KOA park grounds
We didn't stay at the KOA but it looked very nice. Very scenic and they also had a pool and mini-golf along with the water activities.