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 Welcome to the Northwoods
Movie Theater!

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vintage northwoods with us!

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Bayfield, WI and Lake Superior
circa 1994
  Bayfield, WI and Lake Superior Dock and Ship circa 1994    
Hayward Beach &
the Namekagon Queen circa 1972
  Hayward Lumberjack
circa 1972
  Fishing on Lake Hayward,
Echo Bay Resort,
circa 1972
  Mrotek's Riding Stable
circa 1973
Deer Farm,
circa 1974
  Hayward "PlayBike"
mini-bike trail,
circa 1974
Echo Bay Resort
Kids log-rolling, circa 1972
  Hayward- Echo BayResort
Kids log-rolling 2,
circa 1972
Hayward - Echo Bay Resort
Kids log-rolling 3,
circa 1972
Ball Rescue
circa 1975
  Hayward Namekagon River "catch" and hunting frogs
circa 1975
  Hayward -- Flying over
area in a Cessna
circa 1975
Frog Races
circa 1975
  Northland Lake Lodge (swim), Lost Land Lake,
Hayward, circa 1978
  Northland Lake Lodge,
(the cabin) Lost Land Lake,
Hayward, circa 1978

Contemporary Movies

Catching Bluegills 2 Northwoods
hail storm, 2003
Catching Bluegills and
hanging out on
the dock, 2003
Walking through
the cabin, 2003

Petting Deer, 2002

Go Karting, 2002

Freshwater Fishing
Hall of Fame,
Hayward, 2002
Freshwater Fishing
Hall of Fame
(view from the 'Big fish's mouth',
Hayward, 2002

A Frog Dining at
Night, 2004



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