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Hello from Tom, Dawn, Nicole & Eddie!

We are serious about providing a good experience to everyone who uses this site.

Since we are continuously learning (this is all new to us) and also, to help fund our company as it gets started, my husband and I both work. So even though we update our website, it is usually not a daily event, mostly a weekly/monthly one. *However, we usually check our email daily so communication and order placement should never be delayed...

The business we are trying to create is a business based on nostalgia, for the most part. So why nostalgia? Because we have always loved it! Especially the WWII era. So you might notice a tendancy toward that era.

We also sell things on ebay. Please look for our auctions under the seller name: caught-in-time or click on the ebay link on our home page to view our latest auctions.

We love the northwoods of Wisconsin! I have been going up there with my family for almost 40 years now (ever since I was born--even when my mother was still pregnant with me!) and my husband has been going up for several years as well. We truly enjoy exploring the history, people, businesses and beauty of the northwoods more in depthly in order to do this site.

The magazine part of the site features free reminders that the human spirit can be and usually is basically good. The idea for the magazine came to me after being constantly assaulted with bad news on all media and constant sales pitches. While I do realize (and never mean to trivialize) the seriousness of the world we live in today, I am just trying to remind people that we need to remember the goodness that exists too.... Maintaining that balance today may be the biggest challenge that faces us all --- but I feel it's incredibly important in order to properly cope with and respond to today's ongoing and sometimes scary struggles. Please feel free to contribute your stories of faith, hope, love and fun. This magazine will only work if it's a community effort.

Oh, and please remember even how we think and feel contributes to the creation of all of our tomorrows. So try to take enough time to take care of yourself and your children -- I know it's a hard struggle to maintain a family in these economic times (I'm in the struggle myself) -- but I'm sure it's worth it.

God be with you!

-- dawn

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